Mommy & Me Tea Party with Cadbury™ Ice Cream Bars

by | Jul 24, 2012 | KUWTR

Cadbury™ Ice Cream Bars by Blue Bunny®-Blue Bunny® ice cream teamed up with Cadbury® chocolate to bring you and your family the best new icecream bars this summer. Cadbury™ Ice Cream Bars start with creamy Blue Bunny® ice cream and then aredipped in thick, rich, Cadbury® milk chocolaty coating! Cadbury™ Ice Cream Bars are just the right size andwith eight in a box your whole family can enjoy them!

Cadbury™ Chocolate Almond Ice Cream Bars ~ Creamy Blue Bunny® vanilla ice cream dipped in a thick, rich Cadbury™ milk chocolaty coating with almond pieces. 

Cadbury™ Double Chocolate Ice Cream Bars ~Creamy Blue Bunny® chocolate ice cream dipped in thick, rich Cadbury™ milk chocolaty coating.

Cadbury™ Caramello™ Ice Cream Bars

Creamy Blue Bunny® vanilla ice cream swirled with caramel sauce all dipped in thick, rich Cadbury™ milk chocolaty coating.

Cadbury™ Vanilla Chocolate Ice Cream Bars ~Creamy Blue Bunny® vanilla ice cream dipped in a thick rich Cadbury milk chocolaty coating.

Cadbury™ Ice Cream Bars are available at your local grocery store!!
July is National Ice Cream Month!! 

Connect with Blue Bunny:

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I was SUPER EXCITED about our Mommy & Daughter tea Party!! I was highly impressed with our party kit and could not wait to have our first tea party!!
Our kit included: All four flavors of the Cadbury™ Ice Cream Bars, 2 “mom” hats, fascinators, and Cadbury™ Ice Cream Bars coupons for all of our guest.

However due to sickness, tantrums, and Obama (Obama was in town for a fundraiser and traffic was a nightmare for most people in Austin) most of our guest were unable to attend!!  We still had a blast with Mrs. T and Little K. The girls loved their hats and getting dressed up. Plus the ice cream was a big bonus for them, they loved it!! We will defintely be hosting another tea party with all the goodies we received!! I thought the ice cream was delicious, it has a very rich full chocolate flavor. The size at first look seemed small but after eating one they were perfect. The hubby enjoyed them also and said the same thing “they are very chocolatey and rich flavored”. I would definitely recommend trying these if you love ice cream bars. Here are a few pictures from our fabulous tea party…

 Thanks to Cadbury™ Ice Cream Bars and MommyParties for a wonderful party!!

Disclosure: I was given the opportunity to host a Cadbury™ Ice Cream Bars by Blue Bunny® Party through MommyParties.  I received a party kit to share with my guest for educational and review purposes only. All opinions, photos, and experiences are Keeping Up With The Rheinlander’s own.


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