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by | Jan 13, 2017 | Blogging, Family Life

Who doesn’t love a good mom hack?!

I wanted to share with you a few tips or “mom hacks” that have made my life as a mom little easier!

Mom Hack 1: When you go to the movies there is nothing better than their popcorn! We always get a large and share it between the four of us, but passing the tub back and forth is not fun. And there is always the chance one of the kids will spill it. So I picked up these cute cups in the party section, they come in many different characters. This makes sharing a lot easier and they can be used at home. These are my kids favorite cups to drink out of too.

Hack 2: This idea has made packing school lunches so much easier! I took a shoe organizer and filled each pouch with chips, fruit, fruit snacks, and a drink. The kids pick what pouch they want and then all they need is their sandwich! It also helps us not to eat what we buy for their lunches.

Hack 3: One thing I do as soon as I get home from grocery shopping is portion out the meat into meals. My food saver has become a life saver! See what I did there? 😉  With my ground meats I put them in the bag and then I roll them flat. This makes it freeze faster and therefore thaw out faster.

Keep an eye out for more of my Mom Hacks!




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