If you want mindless, numbing entertainment, there’s the uproariously funny Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates that will deliver in spades.  Crude, raunchy, and fun, this movie stars Zac Efron, Adam Devine, Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick.

The title is exactly what the movie is about.  Mike and Dave ruin every family gathering they attend, so when their parents insist they bring wedding dates to their little sister’s wedding, they ask for nice girls, good girls, girls of value.  Mike and Dave, being the screwups they are, advertise on Craigslist looking for two sweet girls to fly free with them to Hawaii.  The story goes viral, with the two of them visiting The Wendy Williams Show.  Alice and Tatiana, two free spirited, very horrible waitresses find the boys, pretend to be good girls and worm their way into the free vacation.  Once in Hawaii, the boys begin to realize that these girls are ready to get as wild and crazy as they normally do, and chaos is inevitable.

The refreshing thing about this movie is that the women are the ones who are the foul-mouthed, bad behaving females, instead of the usual well behaved side characters.  Antics are crazy, just like any other silly movie, but if you don’t go in with expectations for a meaningful movie with depth, this is an enjoyable story that includes a cute love-ish story.  They also sing Montell’s This Is How We Do It which is always a plus.




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