Good things come in small packages as they say.  With Ant-Man, that is most definitely the case.  This movie, starring Paul Rudd as Ant-Man himself, was heaps of fun, and the most lively of the Marvel movies I’ve seen.  There’s no strange end of the world disaster looming, yet Scott Lang (Rudd), must help Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) stop the villain played by Corey Stoll, who just might cause chaos with the invention of a suit meant to replicate the one Hank once used.  Even though the stakes aren’t as grandiose as the end of the world type distruction like in The Avengers, this film stands strong.

The film feels like a comic heist-type movie, with Lang having been a bit like Robin Hood – but with Marvel, it’s also got tons of cameos and interwoven characters that make the storyline rich.  I kept waiting for the formulaic action movie, but was pleased with the surprises that turned every corner.  My favorite character of the movie ended up being Michael Peña – Scott’s loveable criminal buddy who loves to tell a story.  Michael’s comedic timing was so on, and it brought many laughs.

As most Marvel fans know, stay until the very end of the credits for more reveals.  The scene after the credits rolled made me gasp in my seat.  Overall, Ant-Man may be small in size, but it’s movie stands tall.

ANT-MAN is in theatres July 17, 2015.

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