Labor Day Weekend

by | Sep 8, 2010 | KUWTR

We went to Padre Island National Seashore for the holiday weekend!! It was Alexandra’s first beach/camping trip. I’m pretty sure she loved it!! She played in the sand… kept trying to eat it. She loved the waves and swimming in the surf. While we were there Alex took her first STEPS… YES that’s right steps!!! I couldn’t believe it, she walked right across her playpen!! Alex and Daddy enjoyed a stroll down the beach to find shells. I think the only bad thing was Alex not getting her regular nap in, but other than that I think it really went well for her first trip!! I know I enjoyed myself ; ) This beach trip was so low key… it was the first time that a ton of people didn’t go. It was us, Hunter and Tom’s camper- and thats it. The temp was nice it rained a little bit each day so the sand was wet and didn’t fly up with the nice breeze! We had one really good storm that rocked the camper pretty good and of course tropical storm Hermine made her presence known Monday morning as we packed up to leave!! Thank goodness we missed her full fledged action. Here are some pics enjoy…
                                                                  Setting up Camp.

Goodmorning Daddy.
Enjoying some fruit.
My 1st time in the sand : )
Alex & Daddy playing in the ocean.
Here comes Zoey…
Alex & Mommy
Playing in the sand.
Eeewwee seeweed
I think she likes it out here : )
Lovin’ the shades…
Finally a NAP!!
Alex’s goodmorning SILLY face!
Walking the beach with Daddy
Another day to play…
Happy Baby : )
Enjoying the surf.
Passed out on our way home!!


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