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JAPAN~   You cannot turn on the news without seeing disturbing images from Japan. The earthquake is now determined to be a 9.0 and it is reported that the coast line has moved at the very least 8 feet and shifted the Earth’s on it’s axis, there are Nuclear Reactor threats and explosions going off and it is all that I can think of!!! I am not sure if any of you have noticed but I have not posted since last Friday and those were scheduled post. I usually take the weekend off from posting but there is always the Weekend Rewind that I try to have ready for Sunday evening, but this weekend was different. It is not that I have not sat down at the computer numerous times over the last few days to write SEVERAL post… I have written our Weekend Rewind in my head several times with our family fun and laughs BUT when it came time to type it out my fingers would not work!!! I cannot get the images from Japan out of my head. I have been depressed over the last few days because I have been thinking about this non-stop! WHY have I been thinking about this tragedy SO much… my biological grandmother was from Japan. She passed away long before I was born. So I do not know much or really anything at all about that side of my family. I have always had a fascination with Japan, the culture, and wondered about my “family” in which I can’t help wondering about now… are “they” safe… Is someone that I am related to missing or deceased??? I cannot believe the video footage from the Tsunami… it is just crazy and horrifying!! I am praying for all of Japan and anyone who has family, friends, or just a love for the culture that they will find peace, comfort, and love again. I am praying for the family that I do not know, that they are safe, and alright. My hope is that “this too shall pass” and Japan will get back on its feet. Maybe one day I will visit and see the beauty and the culture that I have dreamed of my whole life. Again my thoughts and prayers are with Japan and the Japanese people…


  1. Aleksandra Nearing

    I’ve watched some of the videos, too, and they are horrible. I cannot imagine how long it will take to clear up all of that devastation.

  2. Brandi

    I have only watched it on Friday, as they were also talking about the affects it had on Hawaii, and they were waiting for the california and oregon coasts to be hit with it as well. It is so crazy! It seems like there are a lot more disasters these days than in years past.

  3. New Year Mum

    What’s happening in Japan is such a tragedy… I feel for everyone there and also can’t imagine how they are going to recover from this nightmare. My heart goes out to them xoxo


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