Is the economy affecting your family’s growth?

by | Aug 19, 2011 | KUWTR

Recently I was interviewed for the CBS Early Show regarding the economy affecting low birth rates and how it has changed our family’s vision for our future. When Michael and I were dating we wanted 3 kids… that was the “magic” number. Once we were married and the time came to have children things were great financially! However, the slump (or nosedive) in the economy has affected my husband’s business, which of course in turns affects our family life.

Michael is a partner in an architectural firm that specializes in healthcare design (retirement living communities, assisted living, nursing homes, etc.)! Rheinlander Architects has great clients but due to the changes in the healthcare system and the political games affecting Medicaid/Medicare reimbursements there is an uncertainty in moving forward on projects or creating new ones. RA also has clients that have the want/need to expand but cannot due to this and the fact that financial institutions are being extremely conservative with loans and interest rates.

In turn our vision of our family growing has been put on hold! We live comfortable right now, I am able to stay home with Alexandra and give her the attention and love that we feel she needs. Michael and I want to be able to provide for Alexandra and her future, adding to our family would mean that we would have to make sacrifices for each child. We are just not willing to do that right now! One thing is for sure we do not want to wait several years to have another child, so hopefully the economy will pick up, the healthcare will become stable, and the banks will get back on track! All we want is what is best for OUR family… and for now that means waiting to add to it!


  1. Lucy

    Good Luck and I hope that things turn around so you can live out your dream!!

  2. Ashley@EisyMorgan

    This is so cool, I mean that you were on the news, the thing about the children..I am right there with you. My husband wants lots of kids, but not if our income doesn’t increase. Its so true. Anyways..I still think its cool you are on this!

  3. Mommie Daze

    It’s certainly affecting us. My husband is self-employed, so we have to pay for all our own healthcare. We can’t afford all the medical costs involved with having another baby right now.

  4. MSRheinlander @KUWTR

    @MommieDaze That is one of our main concerns… it is like $10,000 up front that is just for delivery!!!

  5. Audrey's mom

    Thanks for sharing. We are being a lot more conservative these days with financial decisions.

  6. Amberr Meadows

    I think you are doing what is best for your family, and I applaud you for making a responsible decision. You are awesome. ooxx

  7. Emily

    That’s so great you got to do that clip! We are having a baby and the medical expenses are out of control. It would have been smart to wait but there will already be a six year difference between our oldest and youngest and the another six year difference between out youngest and the new baby.

  8. Jess

    First, you looked AMAZING. seriously. So mother earth and loving.

    I totally related to the part about not wanting to have more kids knowing it would impact the quality of life you had imagined for each child. That was THE HARDEST part about finding out about the twins. We know that we will all have to make sacrifices we didn’t want to make now that we will have three vs two kids.

    That was a very relevant TV segment and you did a great job!

  9. candace

    I know what you mean….we wanted 4 until this current crisis! We want our two to have all of the advantages that they should, and adding to our family at this point would be a disadvantage to our two we have now. GJ!!


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