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Miles Batkid
Last year on November 15, 2014, a 5 year old boy named Miles Scott, who had fought leukemia (and won! WOOHOO!) inspired BILLIONS all over the world with his Make-a-wish to become a “real Batman” in which San Francisco was transformed into “Gotham City”. He made so many people feel inspired to do more, to step up and take a look at what they can do to change the world one wish at a time!

I was glued to social media and loved seeing the out-poor of love, hope, and inspiration for “BatKid”!! I am amazed that more that almost 2 billion people (including President Obama and astronauts from the International Space Station!) took to social media to cheer on Batkid! In all, the #SFBatKid and #BatKid hashtags reached more than 1.84 billion people on Twitter and Instagram.

I am a big believer in giving back to our community, teaching Alex about volunteering, and  showing her that there are amazing people in the world and we can contribute to it with love, hope, and compassion. This was a perfect example of people all over the world coming together to support the wish of a child who just wanted to be Batman for a day and left an impact of a lifetime! I hope that watching this documentary will continue to inspire others for years to come.
Batkid Begins is an exciting new documentary directed by independent filmmaker Dana Nachman, which tells the story of how Miles Scott’s one wish came to fruition and why it resonated with so many people around the world. Batkid Begins focuses on the “why” and the “how” of this amazing event. Why were so many people moved to make one little boy’s wish come true. And how did Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area pull it off? All proceeds from the Batkid Begins documentary will benefit San Francisco charities.

“Can’t get enough of Batkid? Lend your support and learn more about the exciting new Batkid Begins documentary here.”

About the Batkid Begins IndieGogo campaign

  • To make Batkid Begins worthy of its superhero namesake, KTF Films is teaming up with big-name musicians, animators, and visual effects professionals, all working at reduced rates in the name of Batkid, and bringing the post-production price tag to $100,000.
  • Awesome Indiegogo rewards for the ultimate Batkid fan include your name in the film credits, HD digital copy of the film, Batkid swag (capes, mugs, t-shirts and more!), an original print of one of Batkid’s artistic drawings, tickets to the San Francisco screening of the film with cast & crew, or even a private home screening for you and 20 friends!
  • The IndieGogo campaign will end on August 19, 2014 at 11:59pm PT.

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