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by | Mar 26, 2013 | KUWTR

Liz & Me - Blissdom

This past weekend I survived my first blogging conference – Blissdom in Dallas!!
I was super EXCITED to meet and hang out with my blogging friends that I interact online with Daily… like

Staci – 7 on a Shoestring bonus I met her hubby to – I openly stalk their family!! Trust me it is okay though 😉
Stacie – Simply Stacie -bonus met her fiance who is super FUNNY!!
Mariah – Formula Mom
Kim – Tales of a Ranting Ginger
Debi – The Sring Mount 6 Pack
Tammy – Three Different Directions

There are several others and my list could go on and on… However my most favorite person and blogging friend that I met was Liz!!

She is one of the most supportive people online and I just fell IN LOVE with her!! She is the SWEETEST and cutest thing EVER!!

I just know that we will be great friends forever!! Yes FOREVER 😉

Makes me was to move in next door and become real life besties!!  Hmmm… maybe I could talk the hubby into moving!!

Anyways check Liz out and connect with her! You won’t be sorry!!


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  1. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell

    I adore you!!!!!!! Loved, loved, loved meeting you and yes, we’ll be friends forever and ever and ever!

    But why does the flash make me look like I have completely crazy eyes in that photo? I couldn’t tell on my phone, but when it’s big, I’m kinda scary! You sure you wanna be friends forever?

    • Melissa

      LOL… I did not even notice the eyes!! So I guess your safe we can still be friends!! 😉

  2. gingermommy

    Thanks for the mention 🙂 I was so happy to meet you and get to know you better. Texas bloggers rock! Hopefully we an meet again


  3. Tammy Berbells

    How fun!!! Only know Liz out of your mentions. You both are adorable!

  4. JDaniel4's Mom

    She is truly the best! What a wonderful friend!

  5. Hanan

    She is the best!


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