Happy 50th Anniversary General Hospital #GH50

by | Apr 5, 2013 | Entertainment, KUWTR, TV Shows

GH 50

As I write this I get emotional… silly I know because it is just a TV show – a Soap Opera at that!! However it is General Hospital’s 50th Anniversary and I have been watching since I was about 2 years old!! Yep 2… I remember sitting with my Grandma and watching the escapades of Luke and Laura, Frisco and Felicia, and all the drama of the Q’s. As I got older through the years I would catch an episode here and there (it doesn’t take much to get caught up), and remember feeling like I didn’t miss a beat. Then when I was 13 I received a VCR for my birthday and learned how to set the record function and was able to enjoy it daily again!! So throughout the 90’s I was really able to watch and fall in love with Jason pre-accident & then as the bad boy enforcer, Jagger, and of course Stone and then fall apart and cry as we all watched him die!!

General Hospital has been a constant part of my life for so long that I couldn’t imagine it not being on television. My sister (who lives in Cali) also watches and we often call each other to talk about Sonny, Carly, Sam or any other character that is on the show. Once my hubby over heard us and asked who we were talking about and when he found out we were talking about General Hospital characters he started laughing because he thought we were talking about real people. In a way they are “real” to us. Most of the actors have literally grown up on the show and are apart of our daily lives… so they are real to us!!

General Hospital makes me feel at home, reminds me of my grandmother, and makes me feel closer to my sister! I tune in to laugh at Spinelli, be sad that Jason is still **missing**,  and yell at Sonny for being Sonny!! I enjoy this show and hope that it is on for 50 more years… I need something to watch when I am in the nursing home 🙂

So Happy 50th Anniversary General Hospital

GH 50 1


Here is to 50 more!! 


Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post! I just LOVE General Hospital, wanted to wish them a Happy 50,  and share it with our readers!! Photo credits ~ Photo 1 and Photo 2.


  1. @Dayngr

    I grew up with GH. I remember coming home from school as a kid and my mom having GH on. We watched together. Funny how shows, music and movies can remind you of someone, isn’t it? Though I loved GH, I have to admit, I haven’t watched in a few years. They just got so far fetched and away from the characters I loved. Still happy they’re celebrating the big 50!

  2. @Dayngr

    P.S. Jason is my fave!


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