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by | Jan 23, 2015 | Entertainment, TV Shows

Hallmark Hall of Fame presents AWAY & BACK, a story of The Peterson family, who find swan eggs in the pond located near their home.

Away & Back

Starring My Name is Earl’s Jason Lee, a widower with three children, he and the family begin to care for swan eggs after the mother swan dies.  Frankie, the youngest daughter, takes an active interest in learning about swans.  Friday Night Lights star Minka Kelly plays an ornithologist named Ginny who takes the eggs away from Frankie to help them hatch elsewhere, much to Frankie’s disappointment.  Having a change of heart, Ginny brings the baby swans back to their home to acclimate them to having a relationship with the father swan.  From there a relationship with the family grows into something beautiful as Ginny takes Frankie under her wing and teaches her about caring for birds.  They learn about each other, and like the layering of an onion, the relationships unfold in a simple and poignant way.

Jason Lee & Minka Kelly

Set in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, the landscape is breathtaking, the cinematography crisp and beautiful.  The acting is well done, although a bit more depth into Minka Kelly’s character would have been a bonus.  The standout of the movie is definitely Frankie, played by child actress Maggie Elizabeth Jones.  If you feel you’ve spotted her before, you might remember her adorable face in the Matt Damon film We Bought a Zoo.

Definitely a heart-warming film, be sure to check your local listings for this Sunday to watch the family film AWAY & BACK.

Hallmark Hall of Fame’s latest movie AWAY & BACK premieres Sunday, January 25th on Hallmark Channel – 8/7c.  Watch the adventure come to life!  –

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  1. Tami

    We used to have the Hallmark channel on cable down here, but the cable company took it off. I loved it. It had some of the most sweetest and touching movies. This one sounds beautiful. I’ll have to check it out online if I can.


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