Guest Post: S.L. Pierce & Maren Kaye Authors of The Devil’s Game

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The Devil's Game by S.L. Pierce

The Devil's Game by S. L. Pierce 


by S.L. Pierce & Maren Kaye

Published June 29th 2011 by Pierce-Kaye Books

Is a stranger who stalks your stalker a friend or your worst enemy?

Rachel Pendelton is determined to break from her small town past and stake out a new life for herself with a dream job in the big city. But hard work and determination are no match for whoever is working against her. When anonymous gifts show up, she’s flattered. When they appear in her locked apartment, she starts worrying. What can she do when everyone she turns to for help looks suspicious?
What she doesn’t know is that a game has begun. A game with rules as baffling as they are deadly. A game that will pit her against the criminally insane. And only one can finish alive.

Guest Post by Maren Kaye

What would you do if you found out that your daughter was being stalked? For most of us, that’s easy. We would go to the police, purchase security equipment, purchase a gun… in other words, anything we needed to do to keep her safe. But what if she was 24-years-old and living 1000 miles away? Not so easy.
I’m Maren Kaye, mother of four wonderful children and co-author of The Devil’s Game, a psychological thriller about a young woman’s brush with a deadly stalker. I wrote this book with good friend and gifted writer, S.L. Pierce, who is also the mother of four wonderful children.
Having two grown daughters, I felt a strong relationship with our character Rachel’s mother, Sandy. My daughters, both strong and independent women, live more than 500 miles away; one in Brooklyn and the other in Memphis. When they were children and I imagined them as adults, it was always in some kind of Norman Rockwell painting. You know, long table at Thanksgiving, tons of grand kids cheerfully playing with colorful non-electronic toys, everyone laughing.
What’s missing in all of those paintings? Pretty much everything. Especially when it comes to women with aspersions that equal their male counterparts. When they left for college, I was torn between longing for the traditional extended family experience and wanting my girls to break away from tradition. I wanted them to have all the adventures I had been too afraid at their age to go after.
This is a pivotal theme in The Devil’s Game. Should Rachel call it quits and run to the safety of her home, or is facing her enemy the right thing to do. And who is her enemy? Is it her stalker? Or is it the stalker who is stalking her stalker? Rachel lives close to my heart, and hopefully she will win you over too.

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