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by | Sep 20, 2011 | KUWTR

Potty Mouth – Clean it Up!
Kids hear bad words all the time. Unfortunately it is a part of our culture. You may never say a bad word inside your home, but you can guarantee that your child will hear it on television, at a friends house, from a friend or out in public somewhere. Many grown ups with kids of their own curse and think nothing of it. Shame on them!
It will happen, oh, trust me, it will. Your child will say a word you just never thought you would ever here them say. Once you get over the shock of it all it is time to have a serious talk about “bad” words.
How to handle a potty mouth
  • Be a good example for your child. If they do not hear mommy and daddy say bad words they will likely understand. Even words like “stupid” and “hate” are considered bad words for younger kids. Controlling the words you say will give your child an example.
  • Laughing or allowing your child to think that saying bad words is funny will backfire in a hurry. If your hear your young child use a derogatory word address it seriously and let it go. He will most likely forget all about it.
  • Set boundaries and expectations for older kids. Older kids begin to understand the meaning of bad words and use them because other kids do it or they think it makes them look cool. Let your child know that you expect them to make good choices when it comes to their language. Explain that bad language will not be tolerated in the house, car or when you are in public.
  • Let the older kids know that bad language is offensive. Most people do not want to hear it.
  • Be serious and consistent with consequences. Remember that kids often use bad language as a way to rebel. It gives them a sense that they are in control. It brings attention to them, even though it is negative.
If your child knows you expect him to use clean language and he can see you as an example you will be more successful at nipping it in the bud if you child ever says a bad word.
Robin Greene is a mom to two teenagers and has been a kindergarten teacher for over 5 years. Robin also enjoys freelance writing for My Baby Clothes. Get the latest fall styles in baby clothes, tutus and baby headbands for your little ones.


  1. Sarita

    We are totally for this. We started by not allowing them to say shut up or stupid or hate. Also, oh my gosh or OMG is ABSOLUTELY not allowed. Too close to using the Lord’s name in vain. We address those words on their cartoons and such. Our kids cannot use the word butt either. Sounded weird coming from a pretty little girl. We use bum and good gravy!

  2. Annie1

    This is very very true! Kids really thrive with structure, consistency and expectations!

    Thanks for this!

  3. Amy

    This was definitely a good read for me right now. Our son is two and is a definite repeater of EVERYTHING… and also able to come up with some embarrasing/not nice combinations on his own. I wish my (college age) sisters would be as mindful when the kids are around. Oh well. I just have to work harder and not laughing– even though it’s cute sometimes!

    This is also an entry for the ROUND UP!

  4. Unknown

    i need to work on my potty mouth! im horrible about it and myhub is always yelling at me bc babys getting to the age that hes starting to talk! shame on this momma!! (round up entry)

  5. royalegacy

    Bad words are hardly ever spoken in this house. To keep the bad words from the movies out, we have parent guardian on our DVD player. We also don’t have regular TV in our home. We also told all of our children that when they did hear a bad word, that it was not something that we were to say.


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