A Visit With Josealynn Foxworth- Kayden McLeod Author of the Foxworth Coven Series

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A quick thank you to Kayden McLeod  author of The Foxworth Coven Series for guest posting today. Enjoy…

A Visit With Josealynn Foxworth

Dear Reader,
Hey all, my name is Josealynn Foxworth, the only blood-child of Gregory and Canya Foxworth. I have two “siblings,” if you can call my cousins that. My parents adopted Ceanna and Arcadia when they were kids after their parents had died.
Just this morning, I was having a conversation with my human friend, Keith, about a vampire living in a human’s world. And we discussed some pretty cool and not so cool points. You see, my parents have this vision—regardless of how realistic it is to some of our kind—that vampires could co-exist with humanity completely.

My Mother is a converted human—while I am a purebred born—so she knows a thing or two about their values, and she tries to bring them into our Coven’s daily lives. We’ve found one of the ways to assimilate unnoticed, and have humans be more comfortable around us, is to mimic their behaviours. Such as eating three square meals per day, and using less magic in our day to day lives, by doing menial chores by physical manipulation instead of using magic to do it for us.

But this is not a worldwide practice.

On the opposite side of the scale, unfeeling European vampires laugh at the efforts the Foxworths make. In Europe, the Council has always been lax. Provided vampires keep humanity from finding out about our existence, they’re given la carte blanche to cause havoc where they would, including the slaughter of humans for food, and the practice of black magic in some countries.

This disgusts me, but hey, you can’t change the world overnight. And the Foxworths have come a long way. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the Head of Canada, Manuel Martinez, is practically a family member, and frequent attendee to our dinner table. He is an Original Cursed One, and all-powerful in my world. He can make decisions for our country, and even the entire population on the occasion, if he can get enough of the Council back him up. Maybe one day, we’ll achieve perfection, and live peacefully with humans and each other. But that day is not today.

Thanks for dropping in! You can find out more about me in my family’s journal, Natural Urges.

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Josealynn Foxworth

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