Mermagic: How to create a Merman by Marsha A Moore

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Thanks to Marsha A. Moore for guest posting today! Make sure you check out her book Tortuga Treasure: Ceil’s Legacy… You can read my review HERE!

Mermagic: How to Create a Merman
From legends and tall tales, there are lots of ways to make a merman, but in the world of my Ciel’s Legacy series there are only two. A mercouple can create and give birth naturally to a baby merperson, OR a human, who is heartbeats away from death, can be “saved,” transforming him/her into a merperson by a one who is extremely skilled in the art of mermagic. The latter is the case for the pirate hero, Alvaro, in my fantasy romance book Tortuga Treasure.

Ciel, my heroine, is a mermaid and well-trained at mermagic—she’s among the best. Lucky for Alvaro, when a fellow pirate fatally stabs him in the back, Ciel is nearby. He falls off the dock in pain, and she chases after him to save his life with what merfolk know as “the kiss of life.” It’s a powerful mix of magic and passion…that will change his life, and hers, forever. The technique is rather complex. It’s probably best I show you how it’s done. The following excerpt from my book does just that. Enjoy!

Excerpt from Tortuga Treasure: Ciel’s Legacy:
Alvaro remained below. I tore my arm free and dove in. The water tasted of minerals leaking from his bloody wound. With one forceful stoke of my flipper, I sped downward and located his body drifting motionless among the pier supports. His skin was blue and his open eyes had a distant stare, showing no recognition. Was he still alive? Powered by adrenaline, in seconds I assessed his state. I took hold of his arm to see if he gave a reflexive flinch. Nothing. No pulse throbbed against my fingers. I put my ear to his chest. His heart beat slowly and faintly, while mine thumped hard against my ribs. Contact allowed me to read his soul—dim, but still active.

Seconds mattered. Pulling him to the surface and letting time pass while his mates decided what medical care to give would make his death certain. There was only one hope. Could I do it? I had received the magic kiss of life—when my life was nearly drained from me, drowning in a lake two years ago. I’d heard accounts of how to perform the deed, but never done so. How long did it take? Did I have enough breath left?

First, I kissed his cheek. My touch left a silvery glow upon his face. He didn’t respond. My whole body shook. I desperately wanted to thrust my tongue into his mouth and breathe life into him. However, the Silver Merman’s lessons resounded in my mind. “The touch of a merperson’s lips, perceived as an electrical tingle by a human, can cause distress and further injury to the traumatized. Imagine giving a slow, seductive kiss—even if the being is a stranger.”

I gently moved my lips over his. Fantasizing about Alvaro as a potential lover was easy enough. However, the fear he wouldn’t live to be mine sent me into a panic which blocked the attraction. Without any response from him, the kiss seemed strange. Persevering, I placed a hand lightly upon the top of his shoulder to steady my nerves. The tip of my tongue pried his lips open, forcing my way into his mouth. Then, I focused my powers on that point of my tongue. My first awareness of an ultra-sensitive sensation caused me to flinch. I pushed my tongue against his, and heat rose at the connection. His soul enlivened ever so slightly. Slowly, as the heat increased it grew more active.

Finally, Alvaro’s mouth moved, almost imperceptibly at first then gradually the twinges developed into organized, gentle motions.

Heat raged between our tongues and I no longer needed to pretend passion. I pressed my mouth hard onto his and he thrust his tongue in all directions, probing wildly with animal instinct, as though his life fed from my kiss—which it did.

His arm touched the side of my waist, a signal I’d been instructed to look for, indicating he could support his own life force now. But, he’d need oxygen immediately. I broke away and grasped tight onto his hand. A hard down-stroke of my flipper propelled us upward.

Marsha A. Moore is a writer of fantasy romance. The magic of art and nature spark life into her writing. Her creativity also spills into watercolor painting and drawing. After a move from Toledo to Tampa in 2008, she’s happily transforming into a Floridian, in love with the outdoors. Crazy about cycling, she usually passes the 1,000 mile mark yearly. She is learning kayaking and already addicted. She’s been a yoga enthusiast for over a decade and that spiritual quest helps her explore the mystical side of fantasy. She never has enough days spent at the beach, usually scribbling away at new stories with toes wiggling in the sand. Every day at the beach is magical!

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Disclosure: This Guest Post and Excerpt was provided by the Author as a part of the Bewitching Book Tours. This is NOT a compensated post.


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