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A quick thank you to Amy Sunderland for guest posting today about Paragon Book 2 in the Misadventures of Daria Pigwidgeon Series.
The Misadventures of Daria Pigwidgeon – Book Two
Under all my soft girl exterior, and inner demon, turns out I’m more girl than demon. A stupid girl it would seem.
Daria Pigwidgeon hasn’t had an easy life. Not when she is the only demon born with a soul, to a family of pure demons. Especially not when said family never let her forget what she was; an abomination. But what if all their torment was to keep her safe? To protect her from others of their kind that would do her harm?
Branching off on her own, all she ever knew was pain and abandonment. Until she met the Harris’s that is. They made her feel welcome, almost as if she were on of their own. Mellissa with her motherly nature, Ashley with her overly best friend vibe, and then there is Chance. He is the one person that can make her feel safe and terrified all at the same time. She has always known how to protect herself; she just never thought to protect her heart.
The cat is out of the bag so to speak, and things are clearer than they have been for months. Of course, this only makes other things overly complicated, and causes her insecure human girl emotions to go into overdrive. Then there is the fact that her family won’t take no for an answer and she finds herself stuck in school with her not so normal siblings. Suddenly her past is wrapped up into her present, and sooner or later she’ll have to make a choice.
A choice that could mean letting go and accepting that she can’t be anything other than what she is, a demon. Her ancestry is something she would like to forget, and has no problem doing so. This would be so much easier if an unseen force wasn’t following her around like a bad habit, or the fact that her brothers and sister just might be rubbing off on her.
She can only hope that her soul won’t let her down.
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Amy Lunderman is a stay at home mom, with a passion to write paranormal romantic thriller’s whether they be adult or young adult. She lives in Rhode Island with her fiancé and their beautiful daughter. She enjoys writing, reading, being a mom, watching movies and television, having dance party, youtube, and status updates on facebook.

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Disclosure: This Guest Post was provided by the Author as a part of the Bewitching Book Tours. This is NOT a compensated post.


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