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Hello Borrowed Readers!

My name is M and I work in the Guardians Inc. Control Room in Pervagus Mansion and today we will try to Keep up with the Rheinlander’s in their…or her’s… or even maybe his blog…I’m not sure which is it…. I blame it on the ‘ at the end of Rheinlander…

Oscar(whispering): You’re ranting M. Just choose one and let it go…

M: Uh? …yeah….So, as I was saying: Thank you… Rheinlander’Ssss for letting us borrow your blog. Today I have Oscar Winnie from the Guardians Magical Studies Division here for an interview, and my first question would be: What is it that you do?

Oscar: Thank you M. I study the changes that increased Magical forces have in Mythological and Fae creatures. Where they are, what they do, how they look and how they like humans too.

M: Fascinating… Uhmmm….so you study fairies?

Oscar: Yeeees, I do.  I go where they live and now that there is increased Magical energy being released in the world, I note the changes in their Morphology and power.

M: Morphology… right…. So you… follow fairies around.

Oscar: I really don’t like your tone M. What are you talking about?

M: Nothing! Just trying to set the record straight about some rumors that have been  Uhm … circulating through Guardians Inc…

Oscar: What? What rumors?

M: About you having a crush on… fairies.

Oscar: Come on? It wasn’t a fairy! It was a mermaid okay? And it happened like two years ago, and it wasn’t really my fault! She had this voice…that just…

M: Right…the uhm “Mermaid’s Song” uh?

Oscar:……………….. Can we move on? Or this interview’s over?

M: No,no,no, it’s fine. I believe you. I know Rheinlander’s believes you too. The mermaid’s song is a powerful Mesmer, everyone knows that…

Oscar(Deep sigh): Oh yes it is…

M: Moving on then. (Snaps fingers) So tell me, Oscar. Guardians Inc. is in charge of keeping the balance between Magic and Technology on our favor, and right now, it’s shifting back towards Magic. How can Guardians Inc. stop that from happening?

Oscar: By finding the  Book of Concord. The book has the future of the next five hundred years written in it, by finding it, we can make decisions about which roads to take to give technology the upper hand over Magic.   

M: And this book, has it existed before?

Oscar: Oh yes, we actually lost it twice, and Rome fell and the Dark Ages lasted a thousand years, until we found it in Toscana about six hundred years ago and with it helped the world move into the Renaissance. If we lose it this time, we might go back to a technological level we had maybe a hundred years ago, maybe more.

M: and Magical creatures would come back?

Oscar: They would come back with a vengeance. Yes.

M: When you say “With a vengeance”… I can imagine what would happen to all of humanity just by looking at that black eye you’re sporting.

Oscar: Oh Jeez…

M: So tell me, is that a good indication about how Forest Dryads like us humans in general, or just how they like you?

Oscar: You know what? I didn’t come here to be interrogated… The interview’s over!

M: Come on Oscar! People really want to know! I mean… Who didn’t fall in love with the Elves from Lord of the Rings?

Oscar: Those weren’t Elves… They were humans acting as Elves…Elves are actually way more beautiful. Men and Women.

M: Exactly my point! And with more Magic, Fairies, Nymphs and Dryads will not only become more powerful and numerous, but also grow in size! Maybe even human size! I think people deserve to know!

Oscar: Okat, you want to know, well yes!  Yes-they-will M. But there will also be more Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, Ghosts, Trolls, Orcs, Chaneques and every other nasty creature around…including Dragons! Most of those things that ate humans some hundreds of years ago. They would come again and with the billions of humans now in the planet they would find a buffet waiting for them.

(Long Pause)

M: Uhm… The boys and girls at the Command Center didn’t think about that one.

Oscar: Well, that’s why you invited me here today no? To spread the word?

M:Uhmm not… really, My friends at the CC wanted me to ask you about setting us up with some Dryads maybe? We have this group picnic on the 30th and… Uhm…Oscar…Oscar!


Well my Rheinlander’s friends, it seems that Oscar had an urgent appointment with one of those Magical creatures he’s studying, so thank you very much and remember that things might get a little strange with more Magic in the World.

If you see a pair of beady eyes looking at you from the shadows, play it safe and run. It might be an elf or a dryad, but it also might be one of those things Oscar talked about…

Thank you again and goodbye!

M signing off.


Guardians Inc The Cypher by JR Machain

Guardians Inc

The Cyper (Guardians Incorporated Book 1)

Author: Julian Rosado-Machain

File Size: 746 KB

Print Length: 200 pages

Publisher: Julian Rosado-Machain (July 21, 2012)

Language: English

ASIN: B008NU34A2


A chance reading of a newspaper ad will send 16 year old Thomas Byrne into the world within our world.

Following the ad he will find Guardians Incorporated. A seven thousand year old organization charged with protecting the balance between Magic and technology.

Through their guidance technology has kept Magic at bay since the Renaissance, but the balance is shifting and soon all those creatures we’ve driven into myth and legend will come back with a vengeance.

To protect the present, Guardians Incorporated needs to know the future and to unlock the future they need a cypher.

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Julian Rosado-Machain has enjoyed pizza in three continents, BA in Graphic Design, worked building armored vehicles, handcrafted alebrijes, owned a restaurant and swears that he has seen at least one ghost.

A Mexico City native he now lives in San Diego, California and enjoys the sun with his wife, three children and cat.

Guardians Inc. The Cypher is the first book in a series that describes the creatures and powers that live in the world within our world.

Author JR Machain

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  1. Julian Rosado-Machain

    Thank you very much for hosting the Tour and letting M borrow(Some in the CC are saying hijacking!) your great blog.
    As you can probably sense by now, I don’t let M go out that much…
    Thank you again!
    Julian Rosado


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