GMC Yukon Denali… Oh How I Love Thee #ChevySAGetaway

by | Jul 3, 2012 | KUWTR

If I could choose any vehicle, the Yukon Denali is at the top of a very short list! I was super excited to be able to test drive the Yukon Denali for a week. When it arrived my little Monkey started climbing all through it jumping from seat to seat! She was in the very back and yelled “This is cool Mom!!”, and this is where my week long journey began…

First of all it’s pretty… at least I think so!! Talk about comfort!! I am short and sometimes have a hard time getting comfortable but that was not the case here I fit just right!! I loved driving the Yukon Denali around. It was easy to handle to drive in and out of parking lots. Plus the back up camera is amazing!! Alexandra had no problems getting in and out and loved the DVD player in the back, while mom and dad loved the headphones!! 

We took it on a trip to San Antonio with 5 of us (and a car seat) in the Yukon it was very comfortable!!  Lots of room for all of us and our luggage! Although for us we would have to get an XL, because we like to go and do with luggage, dogs, and us it can get pretty crowded!!

I think the only issue we had on our trip was *On Star was not working properly and we had to pull over and wait (for about 15 minutes) while they tried to fix whatever was wrong but never figured it out. Since it was not “our” vehicle there was nothing to really do. Then we tried just using the navigation system and it literally sent us in circles (take a left, take a left, take another left, etc.), or told us to exit and then get right back on the highway, it was pretty weird. I have used the navigation systems before and never had any issue so I am assuming it was just a hiccup that day!! 

I would definitely recommend checking out and test driving a Yukon Denali from your local Chevy/GMC dealer for yourself. In all honesty (and after some begging) I see my family owning one of these in the future (just in the XL version)!! 

To see all of our pictures from our fun trip to San Anotonio and SeaWorld in the Yukon Denali check out our Google+ album!!  

Disclosure: I received a vehicle to test drive for a week along with accommodations to San Antonio and SeaWorld as a part of the #ChevySAGetaway campaign . All opinions, photos, and experiences are Keeping Up With The Rheinlander’s own.


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