Friday Photo Flashback…

by | Apr 22, 2011 | Family Life

Friday Photo Flashback
This is a pic of my older brother Michael, my little(big) brother Justin, and me after a weekend at “Toy Lake” on the house boat!!  We had so much fun around that time… boy we sure do miss Michael(he passsed away in ’95)!! That was a pretty big Rattle Snake!!There is a very lengthy story behind the rattle snake that I’ll post about at another time!
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  1. One Rich Mother

    oh my! That is a HUGE snake. So scary.
    I am sorry about your brother, that must have been very painful.

  2. Alicia

    I’m so sorry to hear about your brother. 🙁

    And is that rattle snake real??? So scary! You all are adorable!!

  3. Introducing Mr. Cool

    Thank you for stopping by, and I’m returning the love by following you. I’m your 800th follower. Aren’t I special? What a very nice family memory. Thanks for sharing. Sorry about your brother.

  4. ☆Mama Ko☆

    This pictures are just too cute, look at her shirt, what a darling

  5. Jennifer Bowen

    Sorry to hear about your brother. It’s good to have this picture of him you can treasure. That snake looks scary to me! I would be on the other side of the boat, for sure. LOL

  6. Laurencita

    Oh! so sorry for your brother.. it is good you have this picture with him.


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