In our house we love to make our own cards for special days.  I have always used my kids feet and hands whenever I could in our art projects.  Not only does it let them personalize it and let them get messy, but it also is a way to document them at that moment in time and create a special keepsake. With my kids being older, 6 and 8, I let them pick what they wanted painted. (For younger kids I recommend feet over hands, little fingers like to ball up and it can be hard to get a good hand print.)


The kids wanted to make big cards for Daddy this year for Father’s Day so they glued 4 pieces of paper together. Then they got to work drawing the background. I made sure that this part was 100% them, but made sure that they understood where their feet would go and that some of their art work would be covered up.


Since little man was doing Ninja Turtles he went with New York City as his background.

The diva did a backyard complete with a picnic table and a bike for 3 for her Minions. 



Once the backgrounds were all done we got to do the kids’ favorite part, painting their feet!!

Since little man went with Ninja Turtles, I just had to paint his foot green.


My diva got two colors, yellow for the Minion and blue for the overalls.


 They turned out really well, but I did go back on one of the

Minions and touched up the blue.

When they were completely dry I went in and added the details and a character themed message to Daddy.


Daddy you are…

as funny as Michelangelo

as tough as Raphael

brave like Leonardo

as smart as Donatello



You’re one in a minion!

I love how they turned out and can’t wait to give them to the hubby!



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