Farewell Oprah Show…

by | May 25, 2011 | KUWTR

As I was sitting in my living room watching the first Oprah Surprise Farewell Show… a DEEP sadness came over me. I literally grew up watching the Oprah Show, (I am *31*). Initially I was just sad to hear the news but as the countdown continues a depression has set in but not for me… for my own daughter. I watched as my little monkey is dancing to Patti LaBelle and Josh Groban sing over the rainbow and realized that she is going to miss out on one of the biggest influences in my life… Oprah Winfrey & The Oprah Show!

I remember taping the show when I was in high school… yep on my handy dandy VCR and now I DVR it! Well until today… but my love for Oprah will move to the OWN network I can only hope that her impact will be there for my daughter because Oprah is someone who made me want to be better, do more, and make a difference. Someone who taught me that I am NOT my past and have full control over my future…”You have the Power”. There are so many life lessons that I have learned from her. My only hope is that I can pass along everything that I learned to my little monkey. I want Alexandra to be moved by Mattie, and inspired by the book club, or save her pennies for an Angel Network! I want her to keep a journal or positive quote book! Jada Pinkett Smith said it best “Oprah may not have children of her own but she has mothered millions!” How true… and mothered women and men of all ages!! My suggestion to the Oprah, the Producers, and Crew is to go through the twenty five years and group the shows together in sets, then sell them as DVD sets… that is something that I would BUY!!! Inspiring Shows, Self Help Shows, Cooking, Celebrity Interviews, Book Club, and so on and so on!! I am sad but also happy for Oprah with her new network and excited to see what happens there at OWN! 
Farewell Oprah Show… Farewell

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  1. YUMMommy

    It’s hard to believe that the Oprah Show is gone. But I guess it’s better to go out on a high note than a low note. Can’t wait to see what other projects will tackle now. I personally, would love to see her doing maybe a weekly segment on the evening news or 60 minutes.


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