His gaze drops to my lips, and I am suddenly and painfully
aware of his body pressed tightly against mine, his arms around me, and his
heartbeat quickening, as if it’s oblivious to the fact the danger has passed.
I’ve never been this close to him, never seen his eyes so dark, never imagined
I would feel the power thrumming through his body. Because aren’t predators
supposed to kill?
Unspent adrenaline screams through my veins, turning my
legs liquid. I ache with a desire I shouldn’t feel. A painful, desperate hunger
for a man I should not want—a man whose violent nature both arouses and
frightens me.
“Ray…” His name is a whispered plea on my lips.
He threads his hand through my hair, tugging my head back
so hard my eyes tear, but I have never felt such pleasure in pain.
“Christ. I’m barely in control as it is.”
A soft moan escapes my lips. I am hot—so hot, I might
combust— and before I can stop myself, I rock up, thread my hands through his
hair, and touch my lips to his in a gentle kiss.
Ray stiffens and growls, the sound vibrating through my
chest. He deepens the kiss, his tongue sliding between my lips to explore every
inch of my mouth. My heart speeds to double time, but it is the way he holds me
still—one hand tangled in my hair, his other hand firm around my back—that
sends a wave of liquid heat through my veins. His lips are firm and demanding,
forcing my mouth open as his tongue plunges deeper, stroking me into oblivion.
Possessive. Demanding. Unyielding. A Predator’s kiss.
Sliding my hands over his magnificent chest, taut and
hard, and then along his broad shoulders, I drink him in with a never-ending
thirst. Hot and hungry, my tongue tangles with his, questing, seeking, wanting
more as I grind my hips against his thigh in an entirely unchar- acteristic
display of need.
My actions inflame him. In one smooth movement, he spins
us and backs me into the cold, brick wall. His arm tightens so hard I can
barely breathe. And then he ravages my mouth, his tongue questing deep, as if he
has lost control and the beast within will settle for nothing less than
devouring me.
I have never really, truly been kissed.
Until now.
I feel
him with every inch of my skin, every breath I take. My breasts ache for his
touch, my clit throbs for his attention, and my heart pounds in warning.
But when I moan into his mouth, he tenses and pulls away.
“Condition I’m in now…it’s like after a fight…I got no gentleness in me.”
Bloodlust. The aftereffect of a fight. The edge of
control. But I have watched Ray for so long, lusted after him for so many
nights, imagined I was the one in the ring pinned to the mat, I do the
unthinkable and lean up and nip his lip. Hard.
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Ray wraps his arms around me and holds me
tight as if something terrible has happened and he doesn’t want to let me go.
Full Contact. This is how Ray speaks when
his emotions overwhelm him. I melt into his stillness. His body is hot and
hard, his breath warm on my neck. He smells of leather and sweat, sex and sin.
Nothing can tear me away.
When you can’t resist the one person who
could destroy you…
Sia O’Donnell can’t help but push the limits. She secretly
attends every underground MMA fight featuring The Predator, the undisputed
champion. When he stalks his prey in the ring, Sia is mesmerized. He is
dominant and dangerous and every instinct tells her to run.
Every beautiful thing Ray “The Predator” touches
he knows he’ll eventually destroy. Soft, sweet and innocent, Sia is the light
to Ray’s darkness-and completely irresistible. From the moment he lays eyes on
her, he knows he’s going to have to put his dark past behind him to win her
body and soul.
Redemption Series Reading Order
Against the Ropes (Book One)
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In Your Corner (Book Two)
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About the Author:
New York Times and USA Today bestselling
author Sarah Castille worked and travelled abroad before trading her briefcase
and stilettos for a handful of magic beans and a home near the Canadian
Rockies. She writes contemporary erotic romance and romantic suspense featuring
blazingly hot alpha heroes and the women who tame them. Her books include the
bestselling “Redemption” fighter romance series, and the dark, gritty Sinner’s
Tribe Motorcycle Club romance series.
Sarah Here: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads |




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