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Last Day

by Richard LaPlante

Charlie Wolf is an undercover cop assigned to infiltrate the Sons of Fire motorcycle club, suspected of manufacturing and distributing methamphetamine up and down the East Coast. Charlie’s been undercover for a long time—long enough to have broken the two cardinal rules of his work. He’s forged a strong friendship with Ray Sasso, president of the Sons of Fire. And he’s become addicted to meth.

A near-fatal mistake during the attempted bust by the cops leaves a bullet lodged in the right temporal lobe of Charlie’s brain. Operating to remove it would likely kill Charlie. Living with it will change him forever.

Two men linked by a tangle of lies and twisted loyalties. Two men who could not be more different—or more the same. When they meet again, for one of them it will be the Last Day.

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A moment later, I crossed the line between cop and criminal. The stuff hit my septum like a blast of battery acid. A moment later the taste reached my tongue; it was bitter and metallic. My mouth went dry. After that came the first rush, as my central nervous system kicked in. I remember thinking that it was no wonder doctors used meth to treat narcolepsy. I was waking up for the second time that day. Visually, everything in the room became very clear and defined, as if my eyes had been suddenly washed clean. I looked across the desk and found Ray waiting, studying me, his eyes penetrating mine, opening me up.

He knows I’m a cop, I thought. He knows.

Finally, he spoke, saying, “I want you there when this Sipriani thing goes down.” There was a friendly edge to his tone, which meant two things. The first was a show of trust, which is what I had been working toward. The second was a darker truth. If anything went wrong, I’d be the first to take a bullet. That was a certainty.

I nodded, struggling to keep my paranoia from stampeding. Not confident enough to speak, it felt like my nervous system had been hot-wired to my brain.

Ray ordered Menzies to retrieve a bottle of Jack Daniels’ from the liquor cabinet and poured a glass.

“This’ll smooth it out,” he said, pushing it toward me.

I downed the whiskey in a single gulp.

The alcohol bit my throat, then tasted sweet and settled easily in my belly. Suddenly I got all warm inside. Another double shot and everything began to level out.

After that I was back in control. It was like a warm flood of honey had been released in my brain. I suppose it was the dopamines, the pleasure transmitters, discharged by the neurons in response to the chemical, filling the synapses in my brain and sugarcoating everything, but it was the most euphoric feeling I had ever known. I felt completely safe and secure.

Ray almost whispered his next words, “know the ways of all professions.” It was straight from Musashi’s Book of Five Rings, one of the governing principles of a warrior’s strategy.

I remember smiling. How the hell did Ray know about Miyamoto Musashi, the Japanese sword saint? But under the circumstances it seemed relevant.

“Do not think dishonestly,” Ray said, repeating another principle. Adding, “Hey, bro, you think you’re the only one who reads?”


Richard LaPlante is the author of the popular Fogarty-Tanaka series of crime fiction novels as well as three memoirs. Last Day is his first paranormal thriller and explores his longtime interest in human consciousness and the Near Death Experience. A musician and lifelong student of martial arts, Richard lives with his two sons in the sunny mountains of Ojai, CA and is a founding director of an independent publishing company, Escargot Books, where he blogs regularly.
Currently, Richard is also working on Hog Fever, an Ear Movie — a movie without pictures — based upon his motorcycle memoir Hog Fever and starring Academy Award nominee Terence Stamp, produced by Grammy award winner Greg Penny and directed by British rock icon Kevin Godley.

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