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by | Feb 28, 2012 | Giving Back

Last week I told y’all about how EXCITED I was to be participating in the Energizer’s Light Up A Life Simple Service Project with Champions for Kids and donate to the Austin Children’s Shelter. I have a passion for helping kids in need! I use to work with at risk youth and know first hand some of the situations that they come out of and that their needs are usually highly outnumbered by what they receive!  

I looked on the Austin Children’s Shelter website where they have a wishlist that is updated regularly to see what their current needs were, then I also called to get more specific details as to the ages, sex, and other needs they might have! I made my shopping list and off we went to buy some goodies for ACS and a couple of things for us too!

We went to our local Super Walmart #1169 and started our shopping journey (1 of 2) for the Austin Children’s Shelter!  I love that I am able to show and teach my wild little monkey about giving back and donating to others… especially kids!! Here in Austin the allergies have been really bad this season, so I wanted to make sure and get nasal spray and allergy pills!

I split this into two shopping trips because the little monkey(and mom couldn’t either) could not handle shopping that day! So I went by myself (yay!!) another time and bought the pantry items that were on their wishlist and also socks, and underwear are always a MUST with shelters!! ACS has five cottages so I kept that in mind and tried to buy 5 of everything so that each cottage received the same goodies! 

Alexandra packing books into a donation bag!

One of my favorite things about participating in this simple service project is the way it made my family feel!! As Alex and I were going through and packing the bags, my husband came in room and said “I am so glad that you are doing this!!”. That comment made me tear all up and confirm that we were doing the right thing! Plus we are teaching our daughter to do good and give back!! 

She was so excited to help!!
I love that my family was able to participate in this!
We had a WONDERFUL time doing this!!

The ACS campus was absolutely beautiful and I enjoyed my tour! I was HIGHLY impressed by the facilities and the staff were gracious and enthusiastically appreciative for our donation! My family has decided to continue this simple service project and will continue to donate to ACS every few months!! You can check out our shopping experience and tour in our Google+ story

I am beyond proud that we are ONE of MILLIONS and challenge YOU… yes YOU, to find a charity in your area that you can participate in a simple service project; Report it back to Champions for Kids so that WE can reach the goal of mobilizing  the 20 million by 2020!!

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