I was fortunate to get a press screening pass to see Disney Pixar’s COCO a few weeks ago, and it was by far my favorite Disney Pixar movie to date. Of course, each film always seems like Pixar’s best each time one comes on the scene, but there’s something extremely special about this movie for me.

Perhaps it’s due to my Latin roots, or the message behind the film, or that I related on so many levels to the characters. Regardless, the audience laughed, gasped, cried, and when the credits rolled, they all clapped with gusto.

The story centers around Miguel and his dream of playing music. One problem–his family, all shoemakers, do not allow music in the house–a tradition carried out for generations. Miguel realizes that he’s the great-great grandson of famous musician Ernesto De La Cruz, and he hopes to follow in the same footsteps and become a famous musician like him. He’s magically transported to the Land of the Dead where he comes into contact with his ancestors and goes on a journey to find De La Cruz. On the way he encounters many special characters who touch his life in a profound way. He also gains his courage to perform in front of a crowd for the first time, and his dreams begin to come true. But not all dreams are always what they seem, and Miguel ultimately figures out what’s most important.

There are so many moving moments and lessons throughout the film, but none of them preached or taught. It’s a natural progression that pulls at your heartstrings leaving you so appreciative of your loved ones and wanting to draw them near. Why? Because at the heart of this movie lies the age old theme of the importance of family. Whatever dreams or aspirations you have, those can be fleeting, they can change. But family…that’s forever.

Watch the clips below and run to the theatre now. All the vivid colors, the gorgeous animation and beautiful architecture makes you feel as if you’ve stepped into their world. Don’t miss your chance to see COCO on the big screen!

DISCLOSURE – I attended a Press Screening for COCO in exchange for a review. Opinions are that of the contributor of Life, Books & Loves. Videos and photos provided by Walt Disney Studios.




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