Discussion: Book Reviews ~ 3 Star Ratings ~ What does that mean??

by | Mar 29, 2012 | Books, Spotlight

Anyone who visits this blog knows I LOVE to read,  it is an obsession a passion of mine! I also enjoy sharing that passion with all of you here on the blog! I came across the 3 Stars Rating Event Hop hosted by Bitten by Paranormal Romance and wanted to participate…

book reviewers are to discuss in detail and educate our followers, authors and publishers on what a 3 Star rating means to us since so many people seem to react differently to seeing this much maligned rating. It is also an opportunity for our followers to tell us in their comments how they feel about reading, or the possibility of reading, a book we have given a 3 Star rating”

First of all Ratings are PERSONAL opinions! Not everyone agrees and each rating is different for each person!! A 3 Star Rating from KUWTR means the book was GOOD!!  That I enjoyed the read but it was middle of the road for me… nothing really stands out, grabbed me, or got my emotions flowing! I would still recommend it to others but not everyone I meet. It is a shame but even as I write my explanation of 3 stars it has a negative overtone to it, Not intentionally by any means. I have tried to think of reasons all week long of why 3 stars is considered negative and really it is NOT!! It still means you have something GOOD!! As I am rating the books I really take into consideration…

How it made me FEEL ~ what range of emotions
Did I want to put the book down (mind you I have an active 2 year old)
Am I still thinking about the characters
Overall what are my thoughts on the writing style

Honestly I think the 3 stars gets a negative connotation added to it because people like to hear they are good but want to hear how GREAT they are!!

So what are your thoughts on 3 Star Ratings?? 
Would you read a 3 star book that I have recommend or others have recommended??


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