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Welcome back to the 2nd portion of the 3 Stars Rating Event Hop hosted by Bitten by Paranormal Romance! You can read my first post HERE on what 3 star ratings mean to ME.

The requirements:
“a single post containing a paragraph or two from several authors and publishers on their honest thoughts about receiving a 3 Star rating on their work; not what their ego feels but how they take the news of rating and what that rating means to them”

Here are two responses from great authors…

I don’t let reviews get to me too much, I read them and if they’re great I do a little happy dance. If they’re terrible I get sad then brush it off and move on. If it’s in between like the 3 star review, I read it several times to try and decide what I really think of it. 3 star reviews are often conflicting. They say some overall good things then have a tendency to nitpick on other things. If it’s something worthwhile (like a true issue with plot or character development) I take the constructive criticism and use it to make the next story better. If it’s something ridiculous like the reviewer complaining that there’s too much sex and/or the story is too short- well what can you do with that? Especially considering the reviewing is discussing one of my erotic short stories. LOL
Overall I am usually satisfied with a 3 star review. I don’t expect 4 or even 5 star ratings by everyone for everything I write.
~Roxanne Rhoads
The mediocrity of a three star review
The first light of dawn peaks through the wood-slat blinds, illuminating my fingerprint smudged laptop screen. I anxiously open Goodreads to see what review gems I might find for my latest and greatest release. Will it be a one or two star with a simple, I didn’t get it? Or, will it be a four or five star with a ton of compliments on the ingenious plot and sizzling three-dimensional characters that jump from the page and embrace my heart with rainbows and unicorns?
I slide my mouse over and click the cover. The screen blinks to…a three star rating. Oh, my book is neither brilliant nor awful.  Hmm…now what? I don’t shout this to the heavens, I mean, who cares? I don’t pray to the God of Bad Reviews, pleading for his mercy to bury the slanderous words in the black abyss of the internet.
No, I simply close my browser and reassure myself that the book was okay, average. Sort of like what my childhood crush told me when I asked him how I looked. Not awful or hideous, average.  I’m once again lost in a sea of beautiful people to live a life of mediocrity.
~Ciara Knight
Thanks to Roxanne & Ciara for their input about 3 star ratings!! Make sure to visit their sites and check out their books!!!
So as you can see 3 stars is not devastating… maybe just needs to be really clear as to why it is a 3 and not higher!!
Now what do you think about the 3 star ratings??


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