#Book Excerpt: The Future of Our Past by Kahlen Aymes

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The Future of Our Past 
The Remembrance Trilogy

Author: Kahlen Aymes
File Size: 525 KB
Print Length: 262 pages
Publisher: Telemachus Press, LLC; 
1st Edition edition (April 19, 2012)
Language: English
ASIN: B007W39L94
Julia Abbot and Ryan Matthews have been inseparable best friends since the moment they met. Each of them fight an internal battle, unwilling to risk their incredible friendship, but unable to quell their deep longing for the other. On the verge of Ryan’s departure to Harvard Medical School and Julia’s for her new job on the opposite coast, they are forced to face the undeniable truth of their deeper feelings and find themselves enthralled in a passion like neither has ever known.
The lovers are faced with forced separation, great distances and others who try to sabotage their relationship as both of them work to build the shared future they both dream of. When their lives begin to finally gel, Julia is offered a promotion that will jettison her career to new heights. Ryan is left angry and bereft as it will only postpone their reunion yet again. In light of the sacrifices she has made for him, he can hardly deny her, and Julia is faced with the most difficult decision of her life. Will she choose the chance of a lifetime or the love of her life?

The Future of Our Past is the first book in The Remembrance Trilogy, a truly transcendent love story of a powerful and passionate connection, like we all dream of.

EXCERPT: (WARNING: Mature Content)

The one topic we avoided was our feelings for each other.  It hung over us like an unspoken storm, but I was enjoying the day and didn’t want to ruin it by forcing the topic, even though I ached to tell her I was in love with her.
Our time together made it clear that I could not contemplate the future without her in it.  The most immediate future consisted of her getting on a plane and flying away from me.
I gave up trying to sleep and pushed out of bed. I went into the hallway and stopped to listen for signs of Julia sleeping.
I heard her soft voice calling out.  “Ryan? Is that you?”
I walked the short distance into the living room. I stopped in front of where she sat and took in her shorts and t-shirt, her wild bed hair and the sparkling eyes looking up at me.
“Yeah.  I can’t sleep.”
She smiled.  “Well at least it’s not your hormones this time.”
“Isn’t it?” I asked softly as I touched a finger to her chin.
“Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea for me to come here.”
“Yes, it was…” I said quietly, took her hand and pulled her up from the couch and down the hall, back to my room.
“Ryan…I..” she whispered as I took her in my room and shut the door behind us and I could feel her tremble beside me.
Still holding her hand, the mattress gave beneath my weight and I pulled her down beside me.  She sat, cross legged facing me and I took both of her hands in one of mine, cupping her cheek with the other.  She felt so soft…
“Julia…these last four years…” I began to speak but she pulled one hand from mine and pressed two fingers to my lips.
“Don’t say something you’ll regret, Ryan.  I’m…scared.  So scared of losing your friendship.”
I sucked in my breath.  “I’m scared of losing more than your friendship, Julia.”
“I don’t understand…”
“Will you listen without stopping me? Take the risk of hearing what I have to say.” I whispered impatiently and rubbed my hand up and down her arm.
“Okay,” she said quietly.
“I’m scared of not having what we’re supposed to have if we don’t take the risk. These last four years have meant so much.  Knowing you and having you near me has literally changed the course of my life. You’re my very best friend but… I feel so much closer to you than that. This thing with us… I can’t shake it.”
She nodded, almost imperceptibly and looked down at her lap. “I know.  Me, too.”
I felt a little ray of hope surge within my chest and my heart sped up.  This is Julia, I reminded myself.  She knew me better than anyone else so I should just say what I needed to say.
“Since the day we met, I’ve been fascinated by you, honey.  It’s getting harder and harder to be around you and try to deny my feelings.”
“Are you trying to say you’re attracted to me, Ryan?  Because…I’m attracted to you, too. On many levels.” She dropped her eyes to our hands again.
“In the club, the night I got my acceptance letter, I wanted to kiss you.  Holding you drove me crazy, but, it was like we talked about then.  I’m not willing to lose your friendship.” 
“If we cross that line, then what?  Will we feel weird with each other or lose…this?  Will it make being apart even worse?”
“Can it get any worse?” I asked quietly as my fingers threaded through hers.
“I don’t have that answer, but it’s something I’ve asked myself,” she whispered.
“What I do know, is that I’m not capable of fighting it anymore, and that no matter what happens, I will always want you in my life.” I searched her face as uncertainty flashed across her beautiful features.
“Ryan, do you promise?  Promise me,” she begged as she leaned her forehead on mine.  Her breath rushed over my face and I could literally taste how sweet she would be in her scent.
“I promise.” I lowered my mouth and ghosted it over hers.  My heart was thumping in my chest so fast I thought it would explode. This was the moment I’d waited for, for over three and a half years.
Her tongue came out to lick my upper lip and my breath left me in a rush, my body tightening in response.
I held her head with gentle hands as my mouth finally settled over hers.  Our open mouths were soft and searching.  It felt new and exciting, but also so right. Our lips knew exactly how to mirror each other and move in perfect unison.  She sucked on my upper lip and then I sucked on her lower one.  I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.
“Julia, my God,” I groaned against her mouth as I gathered her close to me and lay her down on the bed. I moved over her and kissed her again and again.  The nearness of her, what I’d been dreaming of for so long was finally within reach, but I wanted to take it slow, to savor every touch. “Kissing you is every bit as incredible as I’ve imagined it would be.”
Her arms moved around my shoulders and into my hair as she pulled me closer.  Knowing she wanted me, made me insane.  I could feel the urgency in her body, as she surged against me, and I parted her legs with one of mine. This was a fantasy that I’d had a million times, and it was finally being fulfilled.
She felt so good, her body molding perfectly to mine. I ground my hardness against her and she moaned against my mouth.  “Ryan, uhh…”
“Uhhh, say it again,” I begged against her mouth.
“Ryan…” she gasped before my mouth devoured hers again and again, and the friction of our bodies making us both breathless.  I cupped her breast and my body swelled even more as I teased the peak until it strained in my hand.  I had to taste her, and urgently pushed her shirt up to expose her bare breasts. She was perfect. Round and firm with erect pink nipples.
“You’re so beautiful.  I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted this.”  I groaned as I dragged my open mouth from hers, down over her neck and chest until it finally closed over one of her luscious nipples.  Her back arched toward me and her hands wound in my hair as I pulled it into my mouth, suckling and flicking it with my tongue.  I thrust against her hip, seeking the contact that I so desperately needed.
I had her writhing beneath me and desire for her drove me insane.
I moaned softly as her nipple popped from between my lips and I brushed her hair back off of her face.  “Do you want me to stop?  I don’t want to do anything you don’t want, baby.”
She searched my face and reached up to flutter her finger tips across my jaw.  “Ryan, I…I want you, but I’m scared of what will happen to us…later.”
I kissed her nose and then her eyelids and cheeks before moving back to her mouth to tease it back into another deep kiss.  I loved how she responded to me.  It felt like she couldn’t help herself and it was the sexiest thing I’d ever experienced.
Hearing her say she wanted me turned me on, beyond comprehension.
“I know; me too…but you feel so good, we fit so perfectly…I can feel your heart beating against mine. I can tell how amazing we’ll be together.”
Her hands moved up my chest and one of mine moved down between her legs never taking my eyes from her face.  Her mouth fell open and her eyes closed as my hand rubbed her over her clothes.  “God, Julia, you’re so hot, you drive me crazy.” Her body arched against my hand and my dick literally ached as it twitched against her hip.  “I’ve wanted you, to touch you like this since the day we met.”
“Why didn’t you, then?” she moaned before she raised her head toward mine, clearly seeking my kiss.  I was only too willing to oblige her as my mouth took hers again in a series of hot, wet kisses, our tongues laving and playing with each other.
Yes, why the fuck didn’t I?


Kahlen Aymes grew up in the Mid-Western United States and was educated at a private university. She is divorced with one daughter, has a B.S.B.A. degree in business/marketing and began writing as a way to network a business venture. Soon, writing turned into her passion and morphed all other career goals. Her readers have told her they want to read angsty, passionate love stories that put them into the pages. She does her best to deliver! Her work was described by her publisher as “…a female fantasy – the intersection of perfect love, tragedy and raging intimacy.”
Nominated for numerous writing awards in the second largest derivative fiction community in the world, she has won several, including Best Author, Best Angst, Best Love Scene, Best Indie Fiction & Best Series. Kahlen enjoys communicating with her readers far and near, and encourages them to contact her personally!

Connect with Kahlen
Twitter – @kahlenaymes & @oliviamk1218
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Disclosure: This Excerpt was provided by the Author as a part of the Reading Addiction Book Tours. This is NOT a compensated post.


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