Cowgirl Callie Taylor is swept away by the mysterious art collector, billionaire bad boy Wes Thorne when he takes her to Paris to seduce her and offer her the world and her dreams.

Roam the streets of Paris, the City of Love, with Callie and Wes and fall in love as Lauren Smith takes them on an erotic adventure in THE GILDED CHAIN.


Explore a hidden world of erotic fantasies, where the greatest pleasures are stolen and the fiercest passions are untamed. . .
For years, Callie Taylor has been obsessed with two things: a man she can never have and escaping to Paris where she can follow her artistic passions. But everything changes when Callie meets Wes Thorne, a wealthy, mysterious art collector and famous dominant. Despite all the nights she’s spent dreaming of another man, it is Wes’s predatory gaze that suddenly consumes her every thought and sets her body on fire. One touch from him promises unforgettable passion, but Callie knows that passion often comes with a price…

From the moment he sets eyes on Callie, Wes is intrigued by her artistic talent and her delightful innocence of all things erotic. A stolen kiss leaves him aching and desperate to claim her in a way he’s never wanted any woman. But first he must convince her to surrender her control. And what better place to seduce an artistic soul like Callie’s than Paris?

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REVIEW by Monique
GILDED CHAIN is the third novel in the Surrender series and could be read as a
standalone, if desire. Although once you have read the other novels in the
series, you will find yourself unable to put the novels down because each novel
depicts one of the characters of men whom all have two things in common – they
were the best of friends growing up and they experience horrific incident 25
years ago. THE GILDED CHAIN is Wes Thorne’s story.
“The man could have talked angels
into giving away their haloes without a second thought.”
Taylor life has turn upside down when she discovers the man whom she has love
her entire life is marrying her friend, Hayden Thorne.
“I’m done with men, done with love,
done with all of that romantic nonsense. It’s not worth the pain.”
and Hayden want to send Callie an invitation to their engagement party, but Wes
Thorne thinks it would be best for him to deliver the invitation personally to
Callie. Wes knows how Callie feels about Wes and wants to be there for her in
more than one way.
“Shed your tears for him, Callie. You
are allowed that much,” he whispered. His warm breath fanned across her lips as
his face inched closer to hers.
“Allowed?” She bristled and flattened
her hands on his chest, pushing hard. He didn’t budge.
“Yes.” He smiled, almost coldly.
“You’re allowed to cry when your heart is broken, but just know that when
you’re ready the entire world awaits you.”
wanted to prove Callie she could have the world at her feet, that her love for
Fenn was not “true love” but a kindred love as a brother and sister. Wes wanted
Callie to give him 30 days to accompany him to Paris on business to prove he
was the man for her, show her a life outside of her ranch from Colorado, and maybe
pursue her artistic talent. If she could resist him during this time, he would
pay her tuition to attend a prestigious art school. If she could not resist him
after the 30-days, they would part their separate ways.
“He had no desire to break her, but
to teach her that he could lead her, and she would enjoy it. He did not want to
control every facet of her life. His goal lay only in control of her in bed,
but in order for her to trust him there, she would need to learn to trust him
outside the bedroom first.”

is a dominant whom usually prefer subs, so when he first met Callie he knows he
has to have her. She is in his every thought and his body is convincing it
needs her to exist.
“I never had dreams before I met
could be dangerous for Callie, not because he is rich, handsome, tentative,
intense, but he can offer more than she knew what ever existed in the world and
crush her heart in more than one ways.

he looked at her like that, eyes so heavy with sinful intent… a side of herself
threatened to emerge, a side she never knew existed, probably shouldn’t exist.
She wasn’t ready to be that woman.”
agrees to Wes proposition and they both leave to Paris, where their able to
show side of themselves unguarded and their chemistry starts to sizzle in the
City of Love.
”This is all new to me. I don’t know how to be with you…”
Just Be… That’s all you have to do.”

though Callie is 12 years younger than Wes, her experience in life has already matured
her in so many ways. Wes cannot fathom how much she has experience at such a
young age and wants to be able to do more for her. Unfortunately, Wes receives
a call to go back to the United States due to art theft has stolen a collector
piece from a close friend and the FBI is needing his assistance. Having to cut
their trip shorter than his 30-days he planned, Wes is nervous the when they
arrive back to the United States that Callie’s old feelings about Fenn also may
“She was a light, shining clear
through him and obliterating that darkness he warned her about. It scared the
fucking hell out of him. She had the power to save him. He didn’t want someone
to have that strength over him, but he couldn’t pull back.”
Lauren Smith’s romance novel, THE GILDED CHAIN, has done an AMAZING job writing a
LOVE STORY capturing your
HEART and SOUL. You will feel as if you are on a roller coaster of emotions of LOVE,
FRIENDSHIP. Lauren also provides a sneak peek with an excerpt to her fourth
novel in Surrender series, which will be Royce Devereaux’s story.
been connected by something deeper, purer than she could imagined and a single
kiss was but a beautiful drop in a vast sea. This kiss was its own work of art.
A true masterpiece.”
rate Lauren Smith’s third novel in the Surrender Series, THE GILDED CHAIN – 5

About Lauren Smith:

Amazon Best-Selling Author Lauren Smith is an attorney by day, author by night, who pens adventurous and edgy romance stories by the light of her smart phone flashlight app. She’s a native Oklahoman who lives with her three pets: a feisty chinchilla, sophisticated cat and dapper little schnauzer. She’s won multiple awards in several romance subgenres including being an Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter-Finalist and a Semi-Finalist for the Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Award. 

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