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There is one person in the
world that Spencer Cross can’t live without and that’s his wife, Delilah Hart
Cross. With their baby on the way, life has never been sweeter.
Dillon Cooper finally had
Dominique Hart back in his arms and he has no intention of letting her go.
Happy for the first time in years, Dillon knows that things can only get
Not everyone is happy that
these two couples are finally living their dreams, and the past is about to
explode into the present.
Spencer and Dillon are about to
find out just how far they will go to save the women that they love.
Faith will be tested, secrets
will be revealed and lives will be changed as the entire family joins together
to face the toughest challenge of all…

REVIEW by Dani

I am a HUGE fan of this series. Each book has managed to take us through each of the sibiling lives in finding love. Finding Hart is the continuation of Missing Hart. We were left with a HUGE cliffhanger at the end of that one.  In this book we pick up where Tally has just attacked both Delilah and Dominique. This story was extremely nail-biting. I LOVED it. We got so much detail into what happened in the past with the family from when the girls were smaller. We also get to see the sacrifices Dominique will risk to the people she loves. I loved hearing how much Spencer loved Delilah. He has come so far in these books. Each of the stories prior to this book have had its fair share f steaminess, this book does have that but also so much more. We also get an AMAZING epilogue. I am talking there was not a better ending that could have been written.

Ella Fox also manages to write 4 different POV’s in this book, which was truly amazing and much needed because there was so much going on. The flow of the book with all of this is incredible and I don’t think the book would have turned out as great as it did without the 4 points of views.

This is a fabulous series and it is so hard for me to pick which I like the best. She will have 2 more books in the Renegade series which is a companion series to the Hart Series.

4.5 Stars!!!!




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