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by | Feb 10, 2011 | KUWTR

I came across a blog while blog hopping called Raising Future Leaders (which is an award winning homeschool blog), this is such a lovely family blog! You can tell that Lisa has such a beautiful and wonderful family thru all the pictures and post that she shares on this blog. You can get to know Lisa HERE on her own website (where she offers FREE tips and advice for online marketing), she really opens herself up to the readers! After reading it you will feel like she is your best friend!  On the right hand side of Raising Future Leaders  she has a new blog called Bless Others With Cards and invites you to visit… So in the spirit of blog hopping I went to take a look and follow that blog too!
Again, a very warm and inviting blog, with a question on her side bar…
You click on it fill out the form and presto when your birthday comes you get a birthday card! I have to say I assumed that it would be a simple birthday card BUT I was completely surprised when I received this…
It completely made my day! It was absolutely beautiful and very thoughtful! I love cards and am a big card person but who does this anymore??? Lisa Wible and her family does!! It is completely inspiring and uplifting!! It goes to show you what kind of family the Wibles are!! Lisa works with SendOutCards to touch 1000’s of people around the WORLD sending out Blessings with her cards! How wonderful is that! Lisa extends and invitation to anyone who would like to participate in Blessing Others With Cards by checking out SendOutCards she believes that this helps deepen your customer/client (or reader) relationship!! I would have to agree, which is why I am writing this post because of the warmth and happiness that I felt after receiving my birthday card!! Lisa has this very TRUE quote on her site…
“People will forget what you did,
People will forget what you said,
But people will never forget,
How you made them feel.”
Here are some pics of some cards that Lisa has created:
Get to know Lisa Here:
Connect with her on Faebook:
PLEASE go check out her two blogs and follow if you’d like:
Check them out on facebook too:
Just as an extra bonus Bless Others With Cards Facebook Page has a *4000 Fan Celebration* going on so go “LIKE” their page and check out the details for the celebration rules and start liking and possibly win some great gifts from some wonderful sponsors.  
I hope that each of you will go check out each of her blogs and websites
get to know Lisa and her family in the process.
I promise you will be uplifted and inspired by them!

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