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by | Apr 22, 2011 | Family Life, Giving Back

While stopping in over at Tammy’s Two Cents I saw her post on B Kind 2 Earth Day and wanted to help spread the word and you should too!!! So head on over to Facebook Like B Kind 2 Earth and put in your state info… all the links are below and then make a blog post, tweet, and facebook about it!! Start spreading the word : )
“Like” B Kind 2 Earth Day on Facebook! You will be letting everyone know you are promising to do something kind for the earth on Earth Day.
The Goal is to get 75 people in every State to “like” B Kind 2 Earth Day on Facebook and all our actions to love, respect and B Kind 2 Earth will add up! Here’s is where you can ENTER in your state information.
Let’s get the word out: Tweet, blog, Facebook – whatever works for you! Use the hashtag #kind2earth
B Kind 2 Earth Ideas: Take your kids for a walk, ditch the disposable grocery bags, do a park cleanup or install a bird feeder! Recycle, compost, and plant a garden small or large!
Post what you’re planning to the Facebook page to inspire others and make the promise to be kind to the Earth!!

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  1. Dede

    Thanks! I am so ashamed that we have not gotten a recycle bin since we moved to Dallas. We waste every day and it is disgraceful! Going to take care of it on Monday!


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