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Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?
Native New Yorker. Wife. Mother. Sagittarius. Film Fanatic. Air Force Reserves Intelligence Officer. Wine enthusiast. World traveler. Dog-lover.

Do you write full time?
I just started writing full time, but I’m also a mom to a vivacious six-month-old. So, I don’t have nearly as much time to write as I’d like right now.

What are 5 fun/interesting facts about you?
1. I love amusement parks, but HATE roller coasters.

2. All recovering java junkies, please step forward. “Hi, my name is Isis and I’m a java junkie. I managed to break my addiction back in 2004 and turned to tea as my new caffeine crutch. Then I went on vacation to Italy and jumped fell off the wagon. The aroma of cappuccino was stronger than my willpower. Since then, it’s been an ongoing struggle. I may lose all a few battles, but I’m determined to win the war.”
3. I’ve been rushed to the hospital twice because unbeknownst to me at the time I have an exercise-induced allergy. At first, doctors thought it was to shellfish. Turns out it’s to wine. Thankfully, I can drink vino with no problems (you did notice the wine enthusiast part above) as long as I don’t have any strenuous activity afterwards. Wine + dancing = anaphylactic shock. Wine + running for my life = probable death. Wine + good time with hubby (wink, wink) = fun.

4. I turned down a full scholarship to Syracuse University to join the U.S. Army. Long story, but no boys were involved.

5. Moving fish widgets on blogs/websites CREEP me out big time! Major heebie jeebies.

What are the “must haves” for you when you sit down to write a book?
Hmmm. Cappuccino. Lots and lots of cappuccino. A comfy seat and iTunes fired up.

What made you decide to become a writer and how old were you?
I’ve always been a writer for as long as I can remember, but in 2010 I decided to try publication. I’d poured so much of myself into writing my first book, my husband thought I should see if anyone in the industry loved it as much as he did. First I entered writing contests for objective feedback, then I started winning quite a few of them. My agent even found me through a contest.

Who or what was your inspiration for writing Kindred of the Fallen?
This might sound crazy, but I promise I’m sane. The characters started talking to me one day while I was in the shower. They’d reached a major turning point in their lives and demanded I listen to their problems. I asked if it could wait until I was dressed, but they’re pretty strong-willed.

Do you feel that you can relate to one character in Kindred of the Fallen more than any other? And why?
I sprinkled a little of myself in all of my characters, but I’d have to say I relate most to Serenity. Like the heroine, I was once engaged to a close friend and the romantic relationship wasn’t meant to be. Things in my childhood drove me to make some “safe” choices that looked good on paper, but eventually I learned how to follow my gut and my heart. It wasn’t until I met my husband that I figured out how to truly give and love, even if it meant making a sacrifice to do so.

What do you Love most about writing?
Wow, there’s so much! Writing is the only job where I get to use all of my strengths and abilities in a way that makes me happy. Ideas and characters come to me all the time. It’s a joy to share my passion with others. Not to mention it’s pretty cool setting my own hours and working from home.

What is your biggest challenge when you write?
Not giving in to distractions. My son takes priority over everything. Attending to his needs is definitely not a distraction, but there’s the internet, emails, phone calls, my niece and nephew dropping by, even the dogs going bananas over the mailman can pull me out of my writing zone.

Do you have any advice for any other aspiring writers out there?
Seek objective feedback through contests, constantly work on honing your skills because there is always more to learn, and never give up no matter what.

What do you do when you are not writing?
Every minute I can, I’m soaking in the glorious wonder that is my son. Then I try to make time to relax.

When you’re not writing what kind of books do you like to read?

Mainly paranormal romance and urban fantasy, but I also enjoy some Regencies and contemporary romance.

Since becoming published, what has been your favorite part of the process?
Writing the first draft for me is still my favorite. When I revise, I think about the reader and my editor.

If you can, tell us what is up next for you?
I’m currently writing the third book in the Kindred Chronicles. I also have an idea for another paranormal series I am fleshing out.

Thank so much for having me on, Melissa. It was great to be here and I appreciate the support on my tour!


Kindred of the Fallen
Author: Isis Rushdan
Cover Artist: Kanaxa
File Size: 601 KB
Print Length: 469 pages
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (January 8, 2013)
Language: English
ASIN: B009R89AF2
Serenity’s soul-reading ability lets her easily create custom tattoos. Everything else in her life is a struggle, from trying to make it work with her best friend, Evan, to nightmares and visions that make her question her sanity.

Then she meets a man who sharpens her craving for something more.

Cyrus has been preparing to claim her as his Blessed mate—the other half of a split soul that, once reunited, is his only chance to break the curse that plagues his people.

One moment, armed militants are firing questions Serenity cannot answer. The next, she is safe in Cyrus’s arms…and learning she isn’t even human. She is Kindred, blessed with preternatural powers, cursed to suffer the twin horrors of the blood rage and the dark veil.

Their union is the greatest hope for redemption in a thousand years, but not all Kindred want to be saved. A dark secret could snuff out their lives before love has a chance to unite them…and redeem the Kindred for all time.

Greater the love…sweeter the pleasure…higher the price that must be paid.

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Isis Rushdan was born and raised in New York City. She has a B.A. in psychology from The Ohio State University. Wanderlust has taken her across the globe and has kept her moving every three years. Fortunately, she is blessed with a husband who shares her passion for travel, movies and fantastic food. Prior to following her bliss as a writer, she had a bright career as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Air Force. She currently resides in sunny Florida, where she hopes to finally establish roots, with her husband, son and canine kiddies.

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