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by | Aug 30, 2012 | KUWTR

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that they take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So on Fridays Kailani takes it easy on posting and just asks one question! So go link up and check out the other blogs that participate at An Island Life and ask your own question.
 So my question this week…
How was the first wave of Back to School?
We actually start next week so we shall see how that goes 🙂 
However here is a flashback to the first day LAST year 



  1. Tammy

    First, I am so sorry…I forgot to get over here before now. No excuse other than I forgot. Okay, here are my thoughts.1. Update your headers like we talked about.2. You have a lot of info on your sidebar. I would consider going to a 3 column template to help even your info out.3. I know music is a personal preference but most info I have read was to leave it off of blogs. Personally, I mute my laptop when I come across music.4. I love your colors, style and content. So maybe some easy tweaks. Remember, I am here to help you out anyway I can! If you find a template on someones blog and you like it, let me know…we can work together to do something similar but personalized to you!Happy Thursday! 🙂

  2. shah wharton

    I would say widen it out – its too narrow. Perhaps add pages for giveaways or blog roll to de-clutter your home page. I love the design and colour scheme though. I disagree about the music – I have a music player on mine which the reader has to press play on. This gives someone the choice. Auto-play is a no no though. I have visited site which drive me so mad I'm there for a minute and leave asap. I'll stress this now – I've only been bloggin since november and my blog is gettign the proffessional touch right now because the kind of colour scheme I prefer isn't user friendly. Good look to you. I'm following BTW – don't know how but I found you via a friend of yours who was on a blog hop. You can find me at – Shah. X

  3. TexaGermaNadian

    Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment. Looking forward to having a good look around your site too. I know I haven't been here much, but as for feed back, I really love the side graphics, very beachy and cute. Everything looks very user friendly. It could be a little wider,(referring to a comment above) if it is possible to adjust your widths with this layout. But I like the color scheme (easy to read) and everything else. Keep up the good work, now, I am on to look around some more :)

  4. Artmusedog & Carol

    Love the colors/ sand dollar and starfish ~ how did you get those? ~ reviews, giveaways are always attraction I would think for most people ~ I like the narrower center myself ~ can quickly scroll and read much fast ~ but then again depends on what yu want to put on side bars ~ i am still 'revamping' my blog ~ From blog frog ~ cz ~ Come Share The Creative Journey at if you haven't already ~ hugs and namaste, cz:)

  5. Bella Michelle

    Gosh, you are brave! I need to get the courage to ask these questions about my blog.The biggest thing I (personally) don't like on blogs is music. #1…can be startling if you are sitting quietly reading through blogs, #2 is annoying if you are listening to something else, #3 it seems to be the one time my computer will sometimes freeze if there is music to load with other programs running.I look forward to seeing your feedback as well (curious as to what folks like!)

  6. Kristi

    Sounds like you've gotten some great feedback. You're going a great job for only blogging for seven months! You have so many followers!You do have a lot of stuff on the side over there and I generally wouldn't take the time to look at it all. It keeps going and going and going.About the music, for me as a reader of blogs, I can't stand it. I generally close out of the page and never get to the content. This is because I am usually in a place where music would be distracting to those around me. I usually keep my laptop on mute, but if I happen to forget I get kind of mad when loud music all of a sudden pops up!


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