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by | Apr 7, 2011 | KUWTR

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that they take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So on Fridays Kailani takes it easy on posting and just asks one question! So go link up and check out the other blogs that participate at An Island Life and ask your own question…
While UBP 2011 Hoppin’ I found a new FAVORITE blog (Tales from the Motherhood and Confessions of a formrer Childhood Actress)  that made me think about when I was a child. Her UBP post is hilarious… watch her video and feel like hey~ I know you!! Anyways while reading through her post I found out she was on an episode of The Wonder Years… Which make me think of childhood because I was called “Winnie Cooper” all my life (I have been asked for an autograph or two)~ Even as recent as being big fat pregnant and the butcher telling me “You look like that girl on the Wonder Years”!! 
I actually think that I do look like Danica McKellar! You tell me…


SO my question for you is do you have a famous look alike??  
***Special Thanks to Wendy over at Tales from the Motherhood and Confessions of a formrer Childhood Actress for allowing me to use her photo : )
(I have not read it yet but from reading her post I think I’m gonna love it!!)***


  1. Tammy

    Nope…but I was named after the Tammy movies from the 60’s…that is as close as it gets! 🙂

  2. Menopausal New Mom

    For years, I’ve heard that I look like Valerie Bertinelli, now if only I could get my figure back like she did 🙂

    Still working on it, I have about 15 pounds to go!


  3. Cuzinlogic

    I don’t look like any celebrities. I agree you do look like Danica McKellar.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Texas Type A Mom

    You definitely look like Danica McKellar!

    When I’m a blonde I get comments from time to time that I look like Kate Hudson.

  5. New Year Mum

    You definitely look like her 🙂 I certainly don’t look like anyone famous :)) Love all your blog ideas xoxo

  6. ~ Noelle

    lol, nope…
    no celeb look alike here
    i wish!
    i do have a friend that is spitting image jude law

  7. TDM Wendy

    Sisters separated at birth.

  8. TheAngelForever

    No, can’t think of anyone that I really look like. Will have to see if anyone can think of it later on.

  9. BusyWorkingMama

    Haha, when I was in 5-6 grade everyone said I looked like that Wonder Years girl and I SO do not. You do look a LOT like her but with a thinner face. As a college student I was compared to Uma Thurman which I don’t think rings true at all. You’re such a pretty mama!

  10. JamericanSpice

    You do resemble her.

    No I don’t have any look alikes!


  11. Charlotte | Life's a Charm!

    A Japanese colleague once told me that I look like the girl in ‘Dark Angel’. She was referring to Jessica Alba. Wouldn’t it be great if it was true.


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