Younger Episode 8, season 3: What’s Up, Dock?

They get better every week! In episode 8, What’s Up Dock, Liza goes in to finally sign her divorce papers! But she ends up putting the wrong birthday on the papers. Kelsey’s date gives her his novel to take a look at and Diana meets a guy who bikes to work. Unfortunately, when she goes biking with him she finds out that he has a husband. When Liza goes to pick up the bike where Diana left it she gets in an accident.

When Charles finds out about the accident he leaves his date with his girlfriend to check on Liza. This leads to them breaking up! Liza’s ex calls wanting to know where she is since they were going to resign the divorce papers and Maggie lets him know what happens.

I LOVED Josh in his episode. You could see just how much Liza means to him. Heck, he was the only one to stay with her in the hospital.  Charles shows up while Liza is heavily medicated he leaves as her ex comes in and she thinks he is Charles. This leads to a misunderstanding and now he thinks she wants to get back together.

We don’t have many episodes left this season and they say they have some big surprises for us. Can’t wait to see what they are! Will you be watching tonight?

If you missed last weeks episode you can watch it at:

Younger is on TV Land, Wednesday nights at 10/9c



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