Younger Episode 7, season 3: Ladies Who Lust

In Ladies Who Lust, Me Myself and O is a big hit and everyone wants to know who Aubrey Alexis is. Aubrey gets invited to read at the Ladies Who Lust event and being a big event that they can’t turn down Liza and Kelsey look to find someone to read for “her.” The book starts a conversation between Liza and her friends and that leads Josh to asking her about her number. Josh gets concerned that he is only her 3rd and in the end gives her a pass for her number 4.

Maggie cooks Friday night dinner for her new girlfriend and realizes she’s not ready for everything that comes with a relationship.

At the Ladies Who Lust event the reader backs out. Edward is not happy about everyone that has been guessed to be the real Aubrey and wants to come out as the author. Liza steps up to read to keep his secret and Edward interrupts her saying “I am Aubrey Alexis!” Thankfully Kelsey steps in and claims she is Aubrey Alexis along with Charles which starts everyone in the room saying “I am Aubrey Alexis!” It was nice to see someone else’s secret almost come out instead of Liza’s.

I really enjoyed this episode, but I can’t wait to see tonight’s. Looks like all of Liza’s world’s will come crashing together! Are you excited for tonight’s episode?

If you missed last weeks episode you can watch it at:

Younger is on TV Land, Wednesday nights at 10/9c



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